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The Timeless Charm Collection was inspired by the emotions and moments we all desire in our daily lives to keep ourselves balanced in the fast paced world we live. We all want to be carefree and just lay back and relax when everything around us feels overwhelming and chaotic. Our livelihood is what makes us all unique in our own special way. The Timeless Charm Collection offers color choices that will make you feel at ease and comfortable so you can enjoy every day in your own personal get away … your home.

  • 6" x 48" x .1259"(2.5mm)
  • Wear Layer 12mil(0.3mm)
  • Contains 22.80 sq. ft.
  • 12 Planks Per Carton
  • 70 Cartons Per Pallet
  • 1,596 Sq. Feet Per PalletWarranty
  • Residential: 15 Years
  • Light Commercial: 5 Years
  • (Structural Integrity & Wear)


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