About Us

In the 1980’s, Dalton was busy becoming the carpet capital of the world. Bill Pitts started dabbling in selling carpet remnants to businesses in Florida and all over. He would send 18-year-old Hank to drive a big rig to take the merchandise. Then in 1982, he decided to open a flooring business of their own, naming it after his only son.

Bill had an interest in marketing wholesale carpeting to the public at the affordable prices. He coupled that savings with impeccable service. In the beginning, Bill and his three employees worked hard to build a reputation of dependable service and unbeatable value and today the business continues that tradition.

Hank’s Carpet is now a global company shipping flooring worldwide. We offer carpeting, hard surface materials, and ceramic/porcelain tile wholesale to the public. We have a vast selection of the new click waterproof flooring in wood, stone, and tile looks in a variety of price points.

Our reputation is strong in the community and we still pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service at wholesale prices. Hank’s is a perennial Best of the Best Winner in North Georgia and finalist in the Chattanooga Market nearly every year. Hank’s dedication to the highest quality customer experience has also yielded our A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Hank has been a part of the business from the beginning and knows every aspect of the flooring industry. He and his competent staff eagerly await your arrival and will do all they can do to help you.

Meet Our People


Hank Pitts, aka “Boss man”, started this company in 1982 with his father Bill at 18 years old and has been here since day one. Hank has built this store from the ground up on one core principle, and that is to treat our customers right. A lot of people are surprised to see Hank when they come in but rarely does a day go by when he doesn’t show up. If he’s not here at the store he’s most likely taking care of his cattle, but don’t think they are stopping him from getting back to his customers.


Anna, Hank’s wife of 28 years or the boss’s boss, is everyone’s favorite person when noon rolls around. Anna has carried on the tradition Hank’s mom started and cooks a homemade lunch every day. There is nothing Anna wants more than for this company to feel like another home to not only the employees, but our customers too. So, if you’re ever here when she is there’s a good chance she’ll ask you to pull up a chair to eat with us, and we promise you won’t regret it.


A lifelong friend of Hank’s, Stanley Arnold has been a staple of this company. Not only did he help Hank build his home from the ground up but he has helped build this company into what it is today over the past 20+ years he’s been with us. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you’ve run in to, Stan knows how to fix it. He spends a lot of time in a tree stand in South Georgia but don’t think that will stop him from answering your phone call, he might just have to whisper.


Gary Jones and Hank have been great friends since they were teenagers. In 2002, he decided to come work with us and has been a wonderful addition to the family. His photographic memory comes in handy, whether it’s helping you find your perfect floor or cracking a joke he heard 20 years ago. Gary is an avid fisherman but has also found a hidden talent in painting fishing lures, so if you’re ever here at the shop with us be sure to check out what he’s got!


Stone, Hank and Anna’s second youngest, has worked here since his freshman year of high school but spent years as a child here riding golf carts with Bill, his grandfather, and taking naps in Hank’s office after school. Nowadays it’s a little harder to get away with those things but he still loves coming in everyday and working with the guys he’s known his whole life. If Stone isn’t here there’s a good chance that he’s off in the woods or on the water.


Payton, Hank and Anna’s oldest daughter, grew up playing on carpet rolls and writing her name on the walls of the store. Hank’s warehouse continues to be where she spends her days, as it now the home of her own business, Lola Pate. When you have great flooring, you have to have great rugs and Payton has you covered in that department. She also uses her creative eye to do all things social media for Hank’s.


Dan Bailey has been around the block a time or two. Before joining us as a salesman he installed flooring for 52 years all across the country. Whether it was a small home in Georgia or a megachurch in Texas, Dan was your man! He keeps a smile on everyone’s faces and always has the best attitude. You’ll come here to find your floor but he’ll have you wanting to stay just to cut up and talk. Dan has been married for over 40 years and is the proud father of two, both being in the military, as well as a grandfather to four lucky grandchildren.


Rick Albertson tried to retire from the flooring industry a few years ago but when he heard we had part time sales position open he grabbed it. He grew up here in Dalton and flooring is what he has lived and breathed. Being a mill rep for Shaw, Beaulieu, and several other carpet empires, Rick has probably forgot more about carpet than most of us will ever know. He is a proud husband to his high school sweetheart of 50 years now as well as his children and 4 grandchildren. Rick is mainly a truck driver for us now but maybe you’ll be lucky enough to grab him as a salesman!


Tim Elliot couldn’t get away from the flooring business if he tried. Starting out as a truck driver picking up carpet from factories in the 80’s, then becoming a salesman, it’s safe to say Tim knows a thing or two. Tim was a faithful employee at his last sales job for 29 years, and for the past 12 years with us has been nothing but great. He is our main wholesaler and has more experience than anyone here with shipping our floor nationwide. Tim is a proud husband, father, and grandfather, spending any and all time he’s not working with his family and friends.


Belinda Smithey came to work with us several years ago and boy did we snag a good one. They don’t come any better than Belinda. We are all convinced that she doesn’t have one mean bone in her body. She never fails to ask you how you’re doing and if you’re lucky enough she has a bag of treats ready for you too. Belinda is over our books and accounting here at Hank’s and we are beyond blessed to have kept her around for as long as we have!


Perry Baker was born and raised here in Tunnel Hill, Georgia and it’s a shame he’s only worked with us the few years he has. He has the most contagious smile and laugh it can bring anyone out of a bad mood. Most customers that come in aren’t fortunate enough to meet Perry, as he mainly drives our truck for us. Perry is a proud father of 6 and grandfather of 16. If you see Perry hanging out front don’t forget to talk to him, you’ll be glad you did.


Baley Jones, the son of Gary Jones, decided to come work with us several years ago. If you don’t see him on the forklift, cutting a roll of carpet, or doing any handyman work around the warehouse, you can bet he’s out in the woods or wetting a fishing line. We’ve been fortunate enough to watch Baley grow up his whole life and become a member of our family. He is the proud father of two little girls who have started to become his newest hunting and fishing partners.


Logan Dominick came to work with us his senior year of high school and has been a loyal and dependable worker since day one. When he first arrived, he was mainly for maintenance and cleaning but he has steadily worked his way up and is now a major part in Floor to Door, our delivery service. Logan loves to fish and work on old cars like Plymouth Scamp’s, El Camino’s, and Toyota pickups in his free time.


Corey Woodard joined the Hank’s family in August of 2023 and has been a great addition. He has been a huge help with deliveries and helping out in the warehouse. He’s always in a good mood, especially when the Braves or the Gators are coming off a fresh win from the night before. He also likes to spend his free time in his shop crafting wooden benches, barrel tables, or anything else that needs fix’n.